Q: Who Manages The Playhouse?

A: The Playhouse is owned by the City of Prince George and is located at 2626 Recplace Drive, Prince George, B.C. It is privately managed by Enchainement Productions Inc. located at 3540 Opie Crescent, Prince George, B.C. V2N 2P9.

Q: How Do I Rent The Playhouse?

A: Contact the office at 236-423-1320 or admin@pgplayhouse.ca to hold the event date. You will then fill out an event description form and send it via email. An estimated event quote will then be provided. When proceeding with the rental, you will be provided a standard user agreement and cover letter, which details all invoicing procedures.

Q: What Does The Playhouse Cost To Rent For My Event?

A: Please fill out the event description form, send it to admin@pgplayhouse.ca, and you will receive an estimated event quote.

Q: Where Do I Find Technical Specifications For The Theatre? Where Do I Rent Additional Audio Visual Equipment Not Housed In The Theatre?

A: Technical specifications for the playhouse can be found on the Technical Info page. Additional audio-visual equipment and lighting can be rented at an additional cost, through EPI audio-visual located in Prince George, B.C.

Q: Can I Sell Merchandise Or Concession Goods During My Event? Is Catering Provided?

A: Merchandise can be sold by the licensee in the lobby. According to the City of Prince George bylaw, the licensee must give the venue 20% of merchandise sales if the venue staff sells it. If the licensee staff and/or volunteers sell merchandise, only 10% of merchandise sales goes to the venue.

Concession sales are the sole responsibility of the Playhouse staff. The venue management reserves the right to sell liquor, non-alcoholic beverages and snacks during all playhouse events.

Catering can be arranged and paid for by the licensee. However, only certain items (coffee, tea, baked goods, bottled water) are permitted, as the playhouse is not equipped with a kitchen.

Q: How Do I Hold A Date In The Playhouse Calendar?

A: Please email admin@pgplayhouse.ca, with the specified date(s) you have in mind. Held dates must be confirmed at least 30 days prior to your event with a 10% deposit. If the playhouse is not notified 30 days prior, the held date will be removed from the calendar. If another licensee is interested in your held date, playhouse management will notify you immediately, at which time you can either forfeit the date, or put down a deposit to confirm your booking.

Q: Can I Provide FOH And Technical Volunteers?

A: The Playhouse staffs both a front of house team as well as technical support. However, if the licensee has sufficient volunteer support, they are welcome to operate the front of house(excluding the concession). Technical volunteers will be supervised by the playhouse technician during all events. Backstage help (stage management and/or stage hands) can be arranged through the playhouse, at an additional cost.

Q: How Do I Return A User Agreement & Deposit To Confirm My Booking?

A: All rental procedures regarding the contract & invoicing is explained in the rental cover letter provided to the licensee.

Q: Does The Playhouse Sell The Tickets To My Event?

A: The Playhouse has partnered with Central Interior Tickets, a new local ticket sales outlet. Please visit www.centralinteriortickets.com for more information.

Q: Am I Required To Purchase Special Event Liability Insurance For My Event?

A: Yes, the licensee must have special event liability insurance ($3 million liability) purchased 2 weeks prior to the event. The City of Prince George and Enchainement Productions Inc. must be listed as additional insured. The licensee may purchase blanket coverage during their event from Enchainement Productions Inc. for $150.00.

Q: Will I Pay Socan Fees For My Event?

A: The licensee is responsible for any socan fees associated with their event. Management is required to submit licensee contact information to socan at the conclusion of your event. For more information visit www.socan.ca.

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